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Top Gun Bengaluru 2024                 Leg 2
Format: 1 vs 1.
Date: Sunday, 9th June 2024.


1. Amateurs: (Cash Prizes: Rs. 15,750)

- For new tournament players and regulars at PaintBall X.

- For Participants from the Amateurs division of TGB2024 - Leg 1.

- For Old Beginner Division players.

2. Open Mech: (Cash Prizes: Rs. 26,250)

- Experienced Players.

- Amateur Division players are free to move to this division.


Click HERE for details:

Past Events:

Top Gun Bengaluru 2024  Leg 1
Format: Team, 1 vs 1.



1st: Laksh Setty (Under 19)

2nd : Souradeep Dutt

3rd: Prabhav Naik (Under 19)

Open Division: 

1st: Utham Kumar (15 years)

2nd: Ganesh Harikantra

3rd: Rajdip Mitra

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