Football Stadium

Swapneel Shetty

CEO & Bearded Biker

A full time paintballer and a part time rider. He was bitten by the paintball bug back in 2007 which led to its formation. Heads the Arena Operations and Paintball sports promotions in form of tournaments and training camps. One of the oldest paintballer players in India.
When not paintballing, he can be found on one of those long rides with his beloved Bike in search of new adventures. 

Ritesh Shetty


This man is our go to person for anything that needs building or fixing! He is part of the paintball team "Underdogs" and also a certified referee at our tournaments and games. He loves to travel and dogs are his life!


Vikitha Shetty

Marketing Head & mother of all dogs

She is the creative head and also the mother of all dogs. She plays the sport but loves promoting it more. When she is not working she is busy cuddling with our doggies and taking pictures of them!

Ganesh harikatra

Operations & Gun guru

Backbone of PaintBall X operations. Captain of Team X, India’s top Open Mechanical Division paintball team. 
Started his career in Water sports before making a move to the paintball industry. If your paintball equipment has an issue, he is man to get hold of.


Lakshmish Gowda


Trainer by profession and paintballer by passion. Manages the weekend games at PaintBall X and takes care of all the safety concerns of the paintballers.
Plays for Team X. An attacking Dorito side player keeps the team balanced with calm presence of mind.
We call him the Ladies Man at PaintBall X

Digvivay PR

Marshall & gadget guru

If Hyperactive was a Human, his name would be DJ. Plays for Team X as a Snake side player.  A gadget guru


Rajdip mitra


We’re lucky to have him as our coach! He trains our teams and makes them sweat it out every weekend. He loves his game strategies and wife's cooking!

Nipin Gurung


When you’re looking for a coach and mentor, this is our man! He trains the teams so well that they all walk out as winners. If he is not training them his is cracking jokes and making fun of them!


Karan Sood

Head Referee

The first thing you notice is his never ending height. The best head ref and the best mentor to most of the young players. While he is terrifying inside the field, he is chill outside the field!